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Why do I need to be a member?

Chrono 6538 wants our members to enjoy our Watches as if they owned them.  So we expect anybody who commits to 12 months membership is interested in enjoying watches and will look after them.   You can hire a watch for £50-£500 per day (for weddings etc) so if you want that kind of service there are other providers who can do that.  


How do I insure the watch I'm using?  

When you join we will take a refundable deposit from your credit card that will cover any repair if you damage the watch whilst in your care.  If you lose the watch or fail to return it on-time you will be sent an invoice for the cost of replacing the watch and the money will be taken from your credit card.  Of course you may be covered from your own home insurance so you should check your policy.


When will I receive my watch ?


Your first watch will be delivered within 7 days of your membership being activated.  For subsequent watches your next watch will be dispatched within 24 hours of recieving your current watch back to our office.


Do I pre-select all my watches in one go? Do I know what I'm getting each time? 

All our watches are held on our central booking system.  Members choose which 6 watches they want for the year and we then schedule them for you. 

Are all the watches new or Vintage and what conditon are they received in?


We have an eclectic range of Swiss Watches.  We specifically select the best brands; designs and look for interesting watches; This meas most are vintage, but we do have a number of NOS (New Old Stock) watches too.  Every watch is mechanically and cosmetically inspected, photographed, serviced, and cleaned ready for you to use.  This means you get a perfect vintage watch that will look just how a vintage watch should.  All we ask is to enjoy wearing your watch, tell others about it (don't worry people will notice the watches) and return it in the same condition for other members to enjoy too.

How are watches delivered and returned?

We delivery our watches by secure courier who will come to your home or place or work.   When your watch is ready for return we do the reverse.   We will provide the labels and all shipping materials you will need to return safely and securely. 

Can I buy a watch from Chrono 6538? 

No, we don't sell our watches as standard.  But if we choose to do so members will get first priority.

What is the cancellation policy? 

All Memberships are for 12 months.   If you wish to terminate early you may do so by writing to us.  Please note you will still be liable for the remainder of your membership and you will be expected to return any watch in your posssion ontime as normal.


Do you ship outside the UK?  

No. Presently, our members have to be domiciled in the UK.



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