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2 Historic, collectable Stop watches with 3 Hollywood Connections.

These are 2 watches sold together - will not split them up.  They were owned by a Hollywood Producer and now Primatologist, Kelly Stewart Harcourt.  Kelly with her Husband, Sandy Harcourt worked with Dian Fossey in Rwanda in her study of Gorillas.   Dian Fossey's life story was turned into the 1988 Film "Gorillas in the Mist" which was nominated for an Oscar for best picture.  That is the 1st Hollywood connection of these watches.

Kelly and Sandy are co-authors of the seminal book on Gorillas called Gorilla Society.   They are lecturers at the University of California.

The Watches were used by Kelly and Sandy in Rwanda. 

Kelly Stewart was born on 7 May 1951 in Hollywood, California, USA. She is a producer, known for A Truly Wonderful Life, Password (1961) and James Stewart, Robert Mitchum: The Two Faces of America (2017). She has been married to Dr. Alexander H. (Sandy) Harcourt since 28 June 1977.  This makes the 2nd Hollywood connection of the watches.

Kelly is also the Daughter of Hollywood legend James Stewart, which completes the hattrick of Hollywood connections of these 2 magnificent and historic stopwatches.

The Heuer Stopwatch is ref: 502.907 and has a tough fibreglass case with a ridged edge for easy handling and was made in 1972.

The Breitling Cycolac Sprint is ref 1403 and is dated from 1969-1972 and measures up to 1/10 second.

The value of these watches is their unique history, usage and ownership.

Historic watches with famous Hollywood connections

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