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This is an unworn "New Old Stock" watch that has been kept locked away for decades.  It is in perfect condition and looks brand new.  The Automatic movement works perfectly.

The silver dial has not aged at all in 40 years.  The lack of patina shows the watch has been in a box for most of it's life.  The strap is original to the period, and is slightly shorter than modern standards but still fits a 19.5 inch wrist.   Mortima watches are becoming more collectable and have many Diver versions still around today.  However, this is a rare model as it has a sporting look but isnt a Diver and, as I said, its in brand new condition.

The hours markers are Arabic Numberals and have a lovely gold finish to them that stand out on the silver dial.    This makes a really good present for somebody and would grace any collection of vintage watches.

Mortima Automatic

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