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Rolex 6538 Submariner - the inspiration behind our Company name.

In 1962 Sean Connery played James Bond in Dr No. He wore a Rolex model 6538 and it marked the beginning of Bond's association with luxury watches like Rolex and Omega. The scene in which you see the watch most closely is actual more famous for being the scene that Ursula Andres emerged from the sea in the famous white bikini. This is why I started collecting watches as being a great fan of James Bond i got used to seeing all the watches and gadgets James Bond was given by Q! I wanted lots of watches too.

A steady collection of watches followed, with the goal of one day owning an original Rolex 6538. Like many watch collectors I got sucked into buying more and more interesting pieces until I had over 100 in my personal collection. I decided to turn the hobby into a small business and still love searching for rare pieces and selling them to fellow watch lovers all over the world.

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