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Vintage Bulova (Circa 1924) – A Unique Glimpse into Retro Charm

Introducing a captivating piece from around 1924, this vintage Bulova watch is a beautiful blend of history and style. Encased in a 14k white gold-filled frame, it captures the elegance and craftsmanship that Bulova is celebrated for. The distinct yellow case imparts a delightful yellow hue to the original white dial, resulting in a standout visual effect that is bound to catch eyes and start conversations.

Key Features:

Brand: Bulova
Period: Circa 1924
Case Material: 14k white gold-filled, lending durability and an unmatched shimmer.
Case Color: Unique yellow, offering a protective yet aesthetically pleasing outer shell.
Dial: Original white dial which, due to the case's yellow tint, takes on a charming yellow glow.
Details: Bold numerals for easy time reading, complemented by a detailed inner design that exudes vintage charm.
Strap: Genuine leather, dyed in a classic shade, with neat stitch detailing that ties in with the watch's timeless appeal.
Case Design: Embellished edges, adding a touch of sophistication.
For collectors and vintage enthusiasts alike, this 1924 Bulova piece is not just a watch but a journey back in time. Its historical significance combined with its unique design makes it a must-have. Dive deep into the annals of horology and celebrate nearly a century of craftsmanship with this exquisite wrist adornment.

This is a great Vintage watch that I've not come across before and is in great condition for its age.

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