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Rolex Watches by Model and reference number

Top 13 Rolex Models complete with reference numbers and interesting facts

Do you ever get confused about Rolex reference numbers? I know I do and so I created this list with images to help. Before we even get to refence numbers there are dozens of models too!

Datejust, Day-Date, Daytona, Explorer, Explorer II, GMT-Master, GMT-Master II, Milgauss, Oyster Perpetual, Sea-Dweller, Submariner, Yacht-Master, Air-King, Cellini, Cosmograph, Deepsea, Oyster Perpetual Date, Oyster Perpetual Date Just, Oyster Perpetual Day-Date, Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller, Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II, President.

Rolex assigns each watch a unique reference number, which is a combination of numbers and sometimes letters, to identify the specific model, material, bezel, and bracelet type. These reference numbers have evolved over time, becoming more complex as new features were added to the watches.

Here's a breakdown of some popular Rolex models and their reference numbers together with some famous people wearing the watches. Afterall, most Rolex sales are driven by the status game. So when a famous person wears a certain Rolex you can bet it becomes more popular and collectable.

1 Rolex Submariner

Reference Numbers:

6204, 6205, 6200, 6538, 6536, 5517, 5514, 5513, 5512, 5508, 16800, 168000, 14060, 14060M, 16610, 16618, 16613, 116610, 116619, 116618, 116613, 116660






Top 7 Facts About the Rolex Submariner

  1. The Rolex Submariner was the first diver's watch water-resistant to 100 meters (330 feet) when it was introduced in 1953. This was a ground breaking achievement at the time.

  2. The original Submariner, reference 6204, had a Bakelite bezel that contained radioactive material for luminosity. This was later replaced with an aluminium bezel for safety reasons.

  3. Sean Connery, whilst playing James Bond in the 1962 movie DrNo wore a Submariner 6538 which is the first instance of a Rolex appearing on screen.

  4. In 1969, Rolex introduced the first Submariner with a date complication, reference 1680. This was a significant upgrade from the time-only Submariner models.

  5. The "Kermit" Submariner, reference 16610LV, was introduced in 2003 to celebrate the model's 50th anniversary. It featured a green bezel, the first time Rolex used green on a Submariner.

  6. The "Hulk" Submariner, reference 116610LV, was released in 2010 and featured a green dial and bezel, a first for the Submariner line.

  7. The Submariner is one of the most counterfeited watches in the world due to its iconic status and high demand. Spotting fakes can be challenging for the untrained eye.

2 Rolex ​GMT-Master and GMT-Master II

Reference Numbers:

GMT-Master 6542, 1675, 16750, 16700

GMT-Master II 6760, 16710, 116710, 116713, 116718, 116719, 126710
















Top 8 Facts About the Rolex GMT-Master

  1. The Rolex GMT-Master w1s developed in 1954 at the request of Pan Am airlines to create a watch that could display two time zones simultaneously for their pilots.

  2. The first GMT-Master, reference 6542, had a Bakelite bezel that contained radioactive material for luminosity, which led to it being recalled in the U.S. due to safety concerns.

  3. The GMT-Master 1675, introduced in 1959, was the longest-running GMT-Master model, remaining in production for over 20 years with various updates and refinements.

  4. In 1971, Rolex introduced the "hacking" seconds function to the GMT-Master, allowing the seconds hand to stop when the crown is pulled out for more accurate time setting.

  5. The GMT-Master II, introduced in 1982, featured an independent 24-hour hand that could be set separately, allowing the wearer to track a third time zone.

  6. The "Batman" GMT-Master II, reference 116710BLNR, was introduced in 2013 and featured a black and blue ceramic bezel, the first time Rolex used a two-tone ceramic bezel.

  7. The latest GMT-Master II "Batman", reference 126710BLNR, was released in 2019 and features an updated movement and a Jubilee bracelet.

  8. The BLNR at the end of the 116710 reference number stands for "Bleu Noir", which refers to the blue and black bezel on this model.


3 Rolex ​DateJust

Reference Numbers:


Rolex DateJust 1600, 1601, 1603, 1607, 1630, 6305, 6518, 116244, 6604, 6605, 6827, 16000, 16013, 16014, 16018, 166201, 16030, 16078, 16200, 16203, 16220, 16233, 16234, 16238, 16248, 16250, 16364, 17000, 17013, 17014, 116138, 116139, 116188, 116189, 116199, 116200, 116238, 116201, 116203, 116208, 116231, 116233, 116234, 116243

Rolex DateJust II  116300, 116334











Top 8 Facts About the Rolex DateJust and DateJust II

  1. The Rolex Datejust was the first self-winding (automatic) wristwatch to indicate the date in a window on the dial when it was introduced in 1945

  2. The Datejust was released to celebrate Rolex's 40th anniversary. It was equipped with Rolex's new Jubilee bracelet, which was named after the jubilee occasion.

  3. The first Datejust, reference 4467, was made in solid 18k gold and featured a full gold Jubilee bracelet.

  4. The Datejust has been worn by many famous figures, including US Presidents Lyndon Johnson, Eisenhower, and Ronald Reagan, as well as Martin Luther King Jr. during his "I Have a Dream" speech.

  5. Rolex introduced the iconic Cyclops magnifying lens for the date window on the Datejust in 1953.

  6. The Datejust is Rolex's most-sold model due to the wide range of sizes, materials, and configurations available, from 28mm to 41mm.

  7. Notable Datejust wearers include actor Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman in "American Psycho" and the Dalai Lama

  8. The differences between DateJust & DateJust II is 36mm case versus 41mm for the DateJust II


4 Rolex ​Daytona

Reference Numbers:

Rolex Daytona 36240, 6241, 6262, 6263, 6264, 6265, 6269, 6270, 16520 ("Zenith Daytona"), 16523 (two-tone "Zenith Daytona"), 16528 (solid gold "Zenith Daytona"), 116500LN (current stainless steel model with ceramic bezel), 116505 (current solid 18k rose gold model), 116506 (current platinum model with ice blue dial), 116508 (current solid 18k yellow gold model), 116509 (current solid 18k white gold model), 116515 (current 18k Everose gold model with Oysterflex bracelet), 116518 (current 18k yellow gold model), 116519 (current 18k white gold model), 116599 (rare diamond-set models)










Top 8 Facts About the Rolex Daytona

  1. The Daytona was named after the famous Daytona International Speedway in Florida, where Rolex became the official timekeeper in 1962.Da

  2. The Daytona was not an immediate success when it was first introduced in 1963. It wasn't until actor and race car driver Paul Newman started wearing one that the watch gained popularity and became a cultural icon.

  3. Paul Newman's personal Daytona watch sold for a record-breaking $17.8 million at auction in 2017, making it the most expensive Rolex watch ever sold.

  4. Over the years, the Daytona has been worn by numerous celebrities and high-profile individuals, including racing legends, musicians, and actors. Some famous Daytona wearers include: Paul Newman, James Dean,
    Eric Clapton. Jay-Z, Cristiano Ronaldo to name just a few.

  5. The Rolex Daytona was initially powered by manual-wind Valjoux movements when it was first introduced in 1963. However In the late 1980s, Rolex sought to develop its own automatic chronograph movement to replace the Valjoux. They turned to Zenith and its ground breaking El Primero movement.

  6. This modified Zenith movement, called the Rolex Caliber 4030, powered the Rolex Daytona reference 16520 introduced in 1988. This "Zenith Daytona" was a major success and helped transform the Daytona into an iconic model.

  7. Today, Rolex is estimated to produce around 40,000 Daytona watches per year to meet the high global demand, which is why there is such a large grey market for used Daytona's.

  8. A Stainless steel Daytona (ref. 126500) has a list price of $15,100, and a waiting list so long they are out of reach for most people. That is why they sell for $35,000 on the grey market - even Millionaires have to pay a premium if they want one!


5 Rolex ​Day-Date (President)

Reference Numbers:

Rolex Day Date (President)  6510, 6511, 6611, 1803, 1804, 1805, 1806, 1807, 1808, 18038, 18039, 18078, 18238, 18239, 18248, 18249, 18298, 18299, 118138, 118139, 118208, 118209, 118235, 118236, 118238, 118239, 118288, 118289, 218206, 228235, 228238, 228239







Top 10  Facts About the Rolex Day-Date (President)

  1. The Rolex Day-Date was introduced in 1956 as the first wristwatch to display the date and day of the week spelled out in full.

  2. It earned the "President" nickname due to its early association with influential figures like Lyndon B. Johnson, who was the first US president seen wearing a gold Rolex Day-Date.

  3. The Day-Date is only available in precious metal cases, such as 18k gold (yellow, white, or rose) or 950 platinum.

  4. Rolex launched the exclusive "President" bracelet specifically designed for the Day-Date model, further cementing its status.

  5. Over the decades, the Day-Date has been worn by many world leaders, business tycoons, and celebrities, solidifying its reputation as the "watch of the elite."

  6. Notable Day-Date wearers include Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Donald Trump.

  7. The Day-Date was the first Rolex to feature a quickset function, allowing the date and day to be set independently.

  8. In 1988, Rolex introduced the "Double Quickset" feature, making it even easier to adjust both the date and day.

  9. The Day-Date II, introduced in 2008, featured a larger 41mm case size to keep up with contemporary trends for bigger watches.

  10. Today, the Day-Date is available in 36mm and 40mm sizes, powered by Rolex's in-house Caliber 3255 movement with a 70-hour power reserve.


6 Rolex ​Oyster Perpetual

Reference Numbers:

Rolex Oyster Perpetual  10, 140, 142, 1002, 1003, 1004, 1005, 1006, 1007, 1008, 1010, 1014, 1018, 1023, 1024, 1025, 1030, 1038, 1500, 1501, 1565, 5500, 6085, 6103, 6177, 6202, 6284, 6518, 6532, 6546, 6548, 6549, 6551, 6552, 6556, 6564, 6565, 6567, 6569, 6580, 6582, 6584, 6590, 6605, 6623, 6634, 14203, 14208, 14238, 14203M, 14208M, 14233M, 26mm (discontinued), 28mm, 31mm, 34mm, 36mm, 39mm (discontinued), 41mm, 124200, 124300, 276200, 277200

Notable changes & Variations:

  • Introduced in 1945 with self-winding "Perpetual" movement

  • First midsize 31mm model introduced in the 1960s

  • First ladies 24.6mm model introduced in 1964

  • Shifted from acrylic to sapphire crystal in 1986, starting with midsize model

  • Expanded size range from 26mm to 41mm between 2014-2020

  • 26mm model replaced by 28mm in 2020 update

  • 39mm model replaced by 41mm in 2020 update

The Oyster Perpetual has remained a core Rolex model since its introduction, evolving in size and features over the decades while maintaining its classic, simple design.

Top 8 Facts About the Rolex ​Oyster Perpetual

  1. It was worn during Sir Malcolm Campbell's land speed record attempts in the 1930s.

  2. An Oyster Perpetual was worn by Captain Chuck Yeager when he broke the sound barrier in the Bell X-1 aircraft.

  3. Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay wore Oyster Perpetual watches when they summited Mount Everest in 1953, inspiring the creation of the Rolex Explorer.

  4. The Oyster Perpetual's waterproof Oyster case and self-winding Perpetual movement were ground breaking innovations when introduced in the 1920s and 1930s.

  5. Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf got the idea for the Oyster case from the way oysters naturally protect themselves from the elements. The hermetically sealed case was a revolution in waterproof watch design.

  6. The Oyster Perpetual is considered Rolex's most versatile and timeless model, suitable for any occasion from casual to formal. Its simple, elegant design has remained largely unchanged since its introduction.

  7. Rolex has continuously updated the Oyster Perpetual over the decades, incorporating new movements, materials, and size options to keep it contemporary while preserving its classic appeal.

  8. The Oyster Perpetual is often the first Rolex model that new collectors purchase, serving as an entry point into the brand's prestigious lineup of watches. The Oyster Perpetual has served as the foundation for many other iconic Rolex models over the decades.


6 Rolex ​Explorer


Reference Numbers: Rolex Explorer: 1655, 16550, 16570, 216570, 226570


  • Ref. 6610 (1959-1963): 36mm case, black gilt dial, Mercedes-style hands

  • Ref. 1016 (1963-1989): Increased water resistance to 100m, new Caliber 1560/1570 movements

  • Ref. 14270 (1989-2001): Applied metal hour markers, Caliber 3000 movement, sapphire crystal

  • Ref. 114270 (2001-2010): Caliber 3130 movement, continued 36mm case

  • Ref. 214270 (2010-2021): Increased to 39mm case, new Caliber 3132 movement, initially no lume on numerals

  • Ref. 124270 (2021-present): Returned to 36mm case, new Caliber 3230 movement

Reference Numbers: Rolex Explorer II: 6610, 1016, 14270, 114270, 214270, 124270

  • Ref. 1655 (1971-1985): First Explorer II model, 39mm case, orange 24-hour hand

  • Ref. 16550 (1985-1989): Larger 40mm case, updated dial and movement

  • Ref. 16570 (1989-2011): Further refinements, new Caliber 3185/3186 movements

  • Ref. 216570 (2011-2021): 42mm case, "Maxi" dial with larger hands and hour markers

  • Ref. 226570 (2021-present): Latest model, 42mm case, updated Caliber 3285 movement

The key evolution for both the Explorer and Explorer II has been increases in case size, movement upgrades, and refinements to the dial design over the decades, while maintaining their core identities as robust, adventure-ready tool watches.



Top 5 Facts About the Rolex ​Explorer & Explorer Top 7 Facts about Explorer II

  1. The Explorer was created in 1953 to commemorate the first successful ascent of Mount Everest by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. Rolex provided the watches worn on this historic expedition.

  2. The original Explorer reference 6298 had a 36mm case, which was considered quite large for the time. This size has remained a core part of the Explorer's design over the decades.

  3. The Explorer's simple, legible dial design with the iconic 3-6-9 layout was specifically engineered to be highly readable in low-light conditions, making it ideal for mountaineering and exploration.

  4. Rolex used a special luminous material called Tritium on early Explorer dials, which gave the hands and markers a warm, golden glow in the dark. This was later replaced by more modern lume materials.

  5. The Explorer has been to the highest peaks on Earth, including being worn on Sir Edmund Hillary's historic Everest ascent, as well as the deepest point - the Mariana Trench - during the Trieste dive in 1960.


and Explorer II;

  1. The original Rolex Explorer II reference 1655, introduced in 1971, was designed specifically for cave explorers and polar adventurers. It featured a distinctive orange 24-hour hand to help wearers distinguish day from night in environments with limited light.

  2. Actor Steve McQueen was famously photographed wearing a Rolex Explorer II reference 1655, which has led to that model being nicknamed the "Steve McQueen Explorer II" by collectors.

  3. British explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes, known as "the world's greatest living explorer", has been a longtime wearer of the Rolex Explorer II. He has taken the watch on many of his expeditions to the North and South Poles.

  4. In 2011, Rolex updated the Explorer II with a larger 42mm case size, a "Maxi" dial with oversized hands and markers, and the brand's latest in-house Caliber 3187 movement. This reference 216570 model was designed to be even more legible and robust for modern adventurers.

  5. The Explorer II has been worn by numerous other famous explorers and adventurers over the years, including American mountaineer Jim Whittaker, the first American to summit Mount Everest in 1963.

  6. Rolex designed the Explorer II to be highly legible in complete darkness by using large luminous hands and hour markers that glow blue, making it ideal for cave exploration and polar expeditions.

  7. In 2021, Rolex introduced the latest reference 226570 Explorer II, which maintained the 42mm case size but incorporated the brand's new Caliber 3285 movement with a 70-hour power reserve.

7 Rolex ​Milgauss

Reference Numbers: 6543, 6541, 1019, 116400, 116400GV

Rolex Milgauss  

  • Ref. 6543 (1954-1956) - The original Milgauss model, with only around 150 examples produced.

  • Ref. 6541 (1956-1960) - The official start of the Milgauss collection, with a distinctive lightning bolt seconds hand.

  • Ref. 1019 (1960-1988) - The most well-known vintage Milgauss model, with a redesigned case and dial.

  • Ref. 116400 (2007-2014) - The modern relaunch of the Milgauss, available in black, white, and green crystal versions.

  • Ref. 116400GV (2014-2023) - The current Milgauss model, featuring a distinctive green sapphire crystal.

The key changes and updates over the Milgauss model's history include:

  • Introduction of the Faraday cage antimagnetic shielding technology

  • Redesigned case shapes and sizes

  • Variations in dial colors, hands, and bezel styles

  • Addition of the iconic lightning bolt seconds hand

  • Relaunch of the model in 2007 after nearly 20 years of discontinuation

  • Introduction of the green sapphire crystal variant in 2014


The Rolex Milgauss has maintained its reputation as a unique, antimagnetic tool watch favored by scientists and engineers over its decades-long history.

Top 9 Facts About the Rolex Milgauss

  1. Designed to withstand magnetic fields up to 1,000 gauss

  2. Features an internal soft iron cage to protect the movement

  3. Distinctive lightning bolt seconds hand on early models

  4. Available in black, white, and "Z-Blue" dial colors

  5. Unique green sapphire crystal option on GV models

  6. Scientists at CERN in Geneva, the European nuclear research organization

  7. Celebrities like Eric Clapton, Tom Hanks, Will Ferrell, Daniel Craig have worn the Milgauss

  8. Renowned for its antimagnetic properties and quirky, distinctive design

  9. Despite relatively low production numbers compared to other Rolex models the Milgauss does not enjoy the cult status and huge following

8 Rolex Sea Dweller


Reference Numbers: 1665, 16660, 16600, 116600, 126600, 126603

Rolex Sea Dweller

  • Ref. 1665 "Double Red" (1967-1977) and "Great White" (1977-1983)

  • Ref. 16660 "Triple Six" (1978-1989)

  • Ref. 16600 (1989-2009)

  • Ref. 116600 (2014-2017)

  • Ref. 126600 (2017-present)

  • Ref. 126603 (2019-present - two-tone steel and gold version)

Key updates and changes over the years include:

  • Shift from acrylic to sapphire crystal

  • Upgrades to the movement from caliber 1575 to 3035 to 3135

  • Increase in case size from 40mm to 43mm

  • Introduction of a two-tone steel and gold version

Top 14 Facts About the Rolex Sea Dweller


  1. The Sea-Dweller was developed in the late 1960s specifically for professional saturation divers. It was designed to withstand the extreme pressures and conditions encountered during deep sea diving.

  2. One of the key innovations of the Sea-Dweller was the helium escape valve, which allowed built-up helium gas to escape the watch during decompression, preventing the crystal from popping off.

  3. Famous deep sea explorer and filmmaker James Cameron is a big fan of the Sea-Dweller. He wore a Sea-Dweller Deepsea model during his record-breaking solo dive to the bottom of the Mariana Trench in 2012.

  4. In 2008, Rolex introduced the Sea-Dweller Deepsea, which had an increased water resistance rating of 12,800 feet (3,900 meters), making it one of the most water-resistant production watches ever made.

  5. The Sea-Dweller has been worn on numerous deep sea expeditions and explorations over the years, including the Trieste dive to the Mariana Trench in 1960 and the Mir submersible dives in the 1990s.

  6. Rolex customized special Sea-Dweller models for the French commercial diving company COMEX in the 1970s and 80s. These "COMEX" Sea-Dwellers are highly sought after by collectors today.

  7. Rolex partnered with the French commercial diving company COMEX (Compagnie Maritime d'Expertises) in the 1970s to supply specialized dive watches.

  8. Rolex produced three different COMEX Sea-Dweller references over the years: ref. 1665, ref. 16660, and ref. 16600.

  9. COMEX Sea-Dwellers featured unique design details like the "COMEX" logo on the dial, serial/reference numbers engraved on the caseback interior, and a COMEX issue number on the exterior caseback.

  10. These COMEX-branded Sea-Dwellers were not available for public sale - they were exclusively issued to COMEX divers and employees.

  11. Production numbers were extremely limited, with estimates of around 300 for the ref. 1665, 50-200 for the ref. 16660, and 200 for the ref. 16600.

  12. The COMEX Sea-Dwellers were designed to withstand the extreme pressures and conditions encountered by professional saturation divers working for COMEX.

  13. Rolex worked closely with COMEX to test and refine the Sea-Dweller's helium escape valve, a key feature for saturation diving.

  14. Today, COMEX Sea-Dwellers are highly sought after by vintage Rolex collectors due to their rarity, historical significance, and association with pioneering deep sea exploration. S


9 Rolex Yacht-Master and Yacht-Master II

Reference Numbers:Yacht-Master 16628, 16622, 16623, 116628, 116622, 116623, 126622, 126623, 126655

Reference Numbers: Yacht-Master II 116688, 116689 116681

Rolex Yacht-Master 

  • Ref. 16628 (1992-2005) - 18k yellow gold case

  • Ref. 16622 (2005-2012) - Stainless steel case

  • Ref. 16623 (2005-2012) - Two-tone stainless steel and yellow gold case

  • Ref. 116628 (2012-2019) - 18k yellow gold case

  • Ref. 116622 (2012-2019) - Stainless steel case

  • Ref. 116623 (2012-2019) - Two-tone stainless steel and yellow gold case

  • Ref. 126622 (2019-present) - Stainless steel case

  • Ref. 126623 (2019-present) - Two-tone stainless steel and yellow gold case

  • Ref. 126655 (2019-present) - 18k rose gold case

Rolex Yacht-Master II

  • Ref. 116688 - 18k yellow gold case

  • Ref. 116689 - 18k white gold case

  • Ref. 116681 - Two-tone stainless steel and 18k yellow gold case

The Yacht-Master II was designed specifically for competitive sailing, with its innovative countdown timer and regatta-focused functionality. It has become a popular choice among yachting enthusiasts and Rolex collectors alike since its debut. The reference numbers indicate the different material options available, with the all-gold versions being the most exclusive and expensive variants of the Yacht-Master II.

The key updates and changes over the Yacht-Master's history include:

  • Introduction of the original 16628 reference in 18k gold in 1992

  • Addition of stainless steel and two-tone models in the 16622/16623 references in 2005

  • Redesign and size increases in the 116 series models introduced in 2012

  • Further updates and new materials like Everose gold in the current 126 series models

Top 9 Facts About the Rolex Yacht-Master & and Top 5 for the Yacht Master II

  1. Rolex has had close ties to the sailing world since the 1950s, sponsoring major regattas and events.

  2. The Yacht-Master was launched in 1992 as an homage to this nautical heritage, blending functionality and style.

  3. Rolex Yacht-Masters have been worn by numerous renowned sailors and skippers over the years.

  4. The Yacht-Master was designed specifically for navigators and sailors, embodying Rolex's long history with the world of yachting.

  5. It features a distinctive bidirectional rotatable 60-minute graduated bezel, allowing sailors to track regatta times.

  6. Rolex patented the Glidelock clasp on the Yacht-Master, enabling easy adjustment of the bracelet length.

  7. The Chromalight display provides long-lasting blue luminescence for excellent legibility in low light conditions.

  8. Certain vintage and limited edition Yacht-Master models, like the solid gold references, are highly sought after by collectors.

  9. The use of precious metals and unique dial/bezel combinations has made the Yacht-Master a popular choice for Rolex enthusiasts.

    The Yacht Master II

  10. Introduced in 2007 as a more advanced and specialized version of the standard Yacht-Master

  11. Features a patented programmable countdown function for regatta timing

  12. Larger 44mm case size compared to the standard Yacht-Master

  13. Available in solid gold and two-tone steel/gold versions

  14. Powered by Rolex's proprietary Calibre 4161 self-winding movement


10 Rolex Air King 


Reference Numbers:  4925, 4499, 6552, 5500, 14000, 14010, 114200, 12690016


  • Ref. 4925 - The original Air-King model introduced in 1945

  • Ref. 4499

  • Ref. 6552 - Introduced the caliber 1030 movement

  • Ref. 5500 - The quintessential Air-King model produced from 1958-1988

  • Ref. 14000 - Upgraded to a sapphire crystal and caliber 3000 movement in 1989

  • Ref. 14010 - Introduced the engine-turned bezel option

  • Ref. 114200 - Redesigned case and dial introduced in 2007

  • Ref. 116900 - The current Air-King model introduced in 2016, with a 40mm case

The Air-King has been one of Rolex's longest running and most affordable models, with production spanning over 70 years. It has evolved from its original 34mm "King" size to the current 40mm case, while maintaining its classic, understated aesthetic. The Air-King has also served as a platform for various Rolex movements and technical innovations over the decades.



Top 16 Facts About the Rolex Air King

  1. The Air-King was part of Rolex's original "Air" series of watches introduced in the 1940s to honor RAF pilots in WWII.

  2. It was one of Rolex's first "pilot's watches", preceding the GMT-Master which came later.

  3. The Air-King has evolved from its original 34mm "King" size to the current 40mm case.

  4. Rolex has incorporated various movement upgrades over the decades, including COSC certification.

  5. The latest 126900 model features a bold, polarizing dial design with large 3-6-9 numerals.

  6. Actor Ryan Gosling has been spotted wearing a vintage Rolex Air-King.

  7. Former U.S. Senator John McCain was known to wear an Air-King for much of his political career.

  8. The Air-King has been a popular choice among pilots, with some airlines like Pan Am gifting them to retiring pilots.

  9. Vintage Air-King models from the 1950s-1980s are highly sought after by collectors.

  10. Rare dial configurations like the "double red" dial can command premium prices.

  11. The Air-King's status as an "entry-level" Rolex makes it an accessible option for new collectors.

  12. The Air-King was one of Rolex's longest continuously produced models, with over 70 years of history.

  13. It has maintained its reputation as a reliable, sporty Rolex despite being overshadowed by more famous models.

  14. The Air-King's antimagnetic properties and durability made it a popular choice among pilots and professionals.

  15. Tom Monaghan, the founder of Domino’s Pizza started giving away watches in 1977, when I wore a Bulova with our Domino’s logo on its face. A franchisee asked what he had to do to get that watch from me, and I told him, ‘Turn in a twenty-thousand-dollar sales week.’ and I'll give you a Rolex!

  16. The Rolex watches he mentioned were in fact, the Air-King ref. 5500. With its stainless steel 34mm Oyster case, steel Oyster bracelet, and time-only dial, the Air-King 5500 is one of Rolex’s most understated watches. However, the vibrant Domino’s blue and red logo emblazoned on the dials of the Air-King watches awarded to high-achieving store managers makes the otherwise discreet Rolex stand out.

11 Rolex Cellini

Reference Numbers:  9630, 3580, 4315, 3581, 3584, 3585, 4012, 4014, 4015, 4016, 4017, 4031, 4126, 4127, 4151, 4153, 4312, 4313, 4316, 4342, 4344, 4609, 4611, 4620, 4912, 5038, 5072, 9903, 4360,

  • Ref. 9630 - King Midas

  • Ref. 3580 - King Midas

  • Ref. 4315 - King Midas

  • Ref. 3581 - Cellini Queen Midas

  • Ref. 3584 - Cellini King Midas

  • Ref. 3585 - Cellini Queen Midas

  • Ref. 4012 - Cellini King Midas

  • Ref. 4014 - Cellini King Midas

  • Ref. 4015 - Cellini King Midas

  • Ref. 4016 - Cellini King Midas

  • Ref. 4017 - Cellini King Midas

  • Ref. 4031 - Cellini King Midas

  • Ref. 4126 - Cellini King Midas

  • Ref. 4127 - Cellini King Midas

  • Ref. 4151 - Cellini King Midas

  • Ref. 4153 - Cellini King Midas

  • Ref. 4312 - Cellini King Midas

  • Ref. 4313 - Cellini Queen Midas

  • Ref. 4316 - Cellini King Midas

  • Ref. 4342 - Cellini King Midas

  • Ref. 4344 - Cellini King Midas

  • Ref. 4609 - Cellini King Midas

  • Ref. 4611 - Cellini King Midas

  • Ref. 4620 - Cellini King Midas

  • Ref. 4912 - Cellini King Midas

  • Ref. 5038 - Cellini King Midas

  • Ref. 5072 - Cellini King Midas

  • Ref. 9903 - Cellini Queen Midas

  • Ref. 4360 - Cellini Octagon


The Cellini collection has a long and varied history, with models ranging from the iconic King Midas and Queen Midas to more modern interpretations like the Cellini Time, Cellini Date, Cellini Dual Time, and Cellini Moonphase. These reference numbers span decades of Rolex's dress watch offerings.







Top 10 Facts About the Rolex Cellini

  1. The Cellini line was introduced by Rolex in 1968 as their dedicated collection of dress watches.

  2. Over the decades, the Cellini expanded to include models like the Midas, Octagon, Danaos, Cestello, and Cellissima.

  3. In 2014, Rolex standardized the Cellini line with a 39mm case size and more harmonious design.

  4. The most recent addition was the Cellini Moonphase in 2017, Rolex's first moonphase complication since the 1950s.

  5. he Cellini Midas from the 1970s, designed by Gérald Genta, featured a bold, angular solid gold case.

  6. The Cellini Octagon in the 1980s had an unconventional eight-sided case shape.

  7. Elvis Presley owned a custom 18k gold "King Midas" model, though this was not officially part of the Cellini line.

  8. Cellini watches are only produced in precious metals like gold and platinum, making them more exclusive.

  9. Certain vintage and limited edition Cellini models are highly sought after by collectors.

  10. In 2022, Rolex discontinued most of the recent Cellini models, leaving only the Moonphase reference.

12 Rolex Deepsea

Reference Numbers: 116660, 126660


  • Ref. 116660 - The Deepsea model introduced in 2008, with a 44mm case and 3,900m water resistance.

  • Ref. 126660 - The current Deepsea model, introduced in 2018 with updates like the Calibre 3235 movement.



Top 7 Facts About the Rolex Deep Sea

  1. The Deepsea was introduced in 2008 as Rolex's most water-resistant production watch, with a depth rating of 3,900 meters (12,800 feet).

  2. It features Rolex's patented "Ringlock System" case architecture to withstand extreme underwater pressures.

  3. In 2012, Rolex developed a special "Deepsea Challenge" model that accompanied James Cameron on his record-breaking solo dive to the bottom of the Mariana Trench at 10,908 meters (35,787 feet).

  4. Rolex released a commemorative "D-Blue" dial version of the Deepsea in 2014, honoring Cameron's expedition.

  5. The Deepsea has been updated over the years, with the current 126660 reference introducing a wider bracelet and Rolex's latest Calibre 3235 movement.

  6. In 2022, Rolex unveiled the Deepsea Challenge model, rated to an astonishing 11,000 meters (36,090 feet) of water resistance, making it the most depth-rated production watch.

  7. The Deepsea's innovative case design, extreme water resistance, and association with deep sea exploration have made it one of Rolex's most technologically advanced and prestigious dive watches.

13 Rolex Sky Dweller


Reference Numbers: 326934, 326235, 326138, 326139, 326933, 326935


  • Ref. 326934 - Stainless steel case

  • Ref. 326235 - 18k rose gold case

  • Ref. 326138 - 18k yellow gold case

  • Ref. 326139 - 18k white gold case

  • Ref. 326933 - Two-tone stainless steel and 18k yellow gold case

  • Ref. 326935 - Two-tone stainless steel and 18k white gold case

Th Rolex Sky-Dweller was introduced in 2012 as the brand's most complicated contemporary watch. Key features include:

  • 42mm case size

  • Annual calendar "Saros" function

  • Dual time zone display

  • Fluted rotatable bezel

  • Available in a range of precious metal options


Top 9 Facts About the Rolex Sky Dweller

  1. Introduced in 2012, the Sky-Dweller is Rolex's most complicated contemporary watch model.

  2. It features an annual calendar "Saros" function and dual time zone display, controlled by the innovative "Ring Command" bezel.

  3. The Sky-Dweller's 42mm case size makes it one of Rolex's larger modern watches, appealing to those who prefer a bold presence on the wrist.

  4. Rolex has offered the Sky-Dweller in a range of precious metal options, including stainless steel, gold, and two-tone.

  5. Estimates suggest Rolex produces around 10,000 Sky-Dweller watches per year, making it a relatively low-volume model.

  6. Certain limited edition or discontinued Sky-Dweller references have become highly sought after by collectors.

  7. The Sky-Dweller's technical complexity and luxurious positioning within the Rolex lineup contribute to its high resale value.

  8. Celebrities like Tom Brady, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Jay-Z have been spotted wearing the Rolex Sky-Dweller.

  9. The Sky-Dweller is a popular choice among business executives and high-net-worth individuals due to its sophisticated functionality.

14 Rolex Submariner ref 6538 - My Personal Favourite and probably the best Rolex in the World!

Reference Numbers: 6538

For What its Worth the Rolex Submariner 6538 is my favourite watch and my holy grail. That's why I say its the best in the World, but the beauty of Vintage Watches is everybody has their own taste and opinion. What's your holy grail watch and why?

Regarding the reference number 6538 specifically, this number represents a vintage Rolex Submariner model, produced in the late 1950s and early 1960s. The number 6538 identifies the watch as a Submariner with a rotating bezel, a water resistance of 200 meters, and a lack of crown guards. This particular model is often referred to as the "James Bond" Submariner, as it was worn by Sean Connery in the early Bond films.

Image of Rolex Watch Complete Range
Actor Ewan McGregor wearing his Rolex Submariner
Sports Stars who wear Rolex
Zlatan Ibrahimović and his Rolex Hulk
Table full of Rolex GMT Models
Tom Selleck as Magnum PI famously wore a Rolex GMT-Master with Pepsi Bezel
Roger Federer wearing a Rolex Day Date II
3 Rolex  DateJusts in different styles
The Iconic Paul Newman Rolex Daytona
Paul Newman wearing his Rolex Daytona
A Rolex
MMA Fighter Connor McGregor wearing his Rolex Day Date President with Green Dial
Actor Brad Pitt wearing his Rolex Day Date President with Black Dial
President JFK with the Day Date gifted to him by Marilyn Monroe (you see why President is the watches nickname)
Scottie Scheffler wearing his Rolex Oyster Perpetual with red dial
Edmund Hillary conquered Everest wearing a Rolex Explorer
Jay Z wearing his Rolex OP in Tiffany Blue
Edmund Hillary in his, now vintage, Rolex Explorer
Eric Clapton wearing a Rolex Milgauss
James May from Top Gear fame wearing a Rolex Explorer II
Tiger Woods wearing his Rolex Sea Dweller
Charlize Theron wearing her Rolex Sea Dweller
Rolex Diver Watch
Lionel Messi wearing his Rolex Yacht Master I
Connor McGregor  wearing his Rolex Yacht Master II
Patrick Mahomes wearing his Rolex Yacht Master II
Lebron James wearing his Diamond Rolex Yacht Master I
Pair of Rolex Milgauss with white and black dial
Al Pacino in his Rolex Cellini
President Obama in his Rolex Cellini
Gold Rolex Sky Dweller
Gold Rolex Sky Dweller with Gold Dial
Roger Federer wearing a Rolex Sky Dweller
Michael Jordan wearing his Rolex Sky Dweller
Group of Vintage Rolex ref 6538 - known as the James Bond Watch
2 great examples of the Vintage Rolex 6538 - worth over $300,000
Sean Connery as James Bond wearing a Rolex 6538
Elon John with his Platinum Day Date President
Brad Pitt with is Rolex Explorer
British explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes, with his Rolex Explorer
Rolex Explorer and Rolex Explorer II
Jennifer Anniston wearing her Rolex Milgauss
David Beckham wearing his Rolex Sea Dweller
A Group shot of 4 Rolex Watches
Ryan Gosling wearing a Vintage Rolex Air King 5500
Rolex on the wrist
Rolex Cellini
Rolex Deep Sea
Rolex Deep Sea
The Rolex "D-Blue" dial version of the Rolex Deepsea in 2014, honouring Director James Cameron's expedition.
Elvis Presley wearing his Solid Gold Rolex King Midas
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