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This is an iconic watch from an Iconic period.  Bulova was the watch of choice of Frank Sinatra and JFK.  See pictures.  Sinatra would wear a Bulova and also gift them to other musicians all the time.  Clyde Barrow - AKA Clyde from Bonnie &; Clyde was shot wearing his Bulova Tank watch!


Please note - the last few images are of simialr Bulova watches worn by JFK, Sinatra, & Bugsey Siegal.

I have a truly mint condition Bulova art deco Tank watch from 1950's.  It is gold plated in perfect condition for a 70 years old watch.  The dial is clear and the case has lovely engravings on the edges.  It comes with a brand new red leather strap.  

The watch is unisex so makes a great dress watch as well as everyday watech.

It runs smoothly and keeps time well for its age.  Such a special watch that would be a great gift and woudl grace any collection.

Bulova Art Deco Tank Watch

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