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We love finding watches like this Cronel Diver with a very unusal dial in a great colour.

We love it as the Black centre of the dial contrasts perfectly with the yellow on the outer dial and inner fixed bezel that displays a Tachy Scale for measuring speed & distance.

You need to look closely at the dial to reveal its quirky and unique design.  The black batons are not the hour markers you expect them to be.  In fact the hours are marked by the yellow block inbetween the black indicies markers.  At first sight we thought the dial was wonky!  But it's just a cool design that adds to the watches charm.  

The date in in the usual 3 O'clock position and the seconds hand sweeps around with a red tip to stand out.

The bezel rotates in both directions and works well and is in good condition.  The watch is automatic and runs well.  All our watches get worn for 24 hours to test them in real life and this kept time to within 2 minutes over 24 hours.

It comes with the original 1970's bracelet that is comfortable to wear but will be tight on a wrist of 20cm and over.  

A great Diver Watch to add to any collection.  You won't find many like it coming on the market so you're assured of a unique watch.

Cronel Diver

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