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Enicar was founded in 1913 and produced over 800,000 wristwatches a year during the sixties and early seventies. These were sold in more than 90 countries worldwide. It wend bankrupt in 1987 mostly as a result of the Japanese Quartz crisis.

Ironically Jump Watches were made popular again in the 1970's by Swiss Watchmakers who tried to make their automatic movements look and feel like a quartz watch.

Enicar produced top end Chrono's and Diver watches.  And you will not find many of their Jump watches.  This one works perfectly and has a pleasing dial that shows the hours minutes and unusally for a jump watch, there is also a disc for seconds.  Overall in excellent condition for a 50 year old watch and it keeps time well, with the original crown still in place.

Set with a new leather strap to accompany the bronze dial this is a great jump watch to add to any collection as its very rare to go with a 1st class brand.

Enicar Jump Hour

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