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Helvetia is a less well known Swiss Watch Brand, but one with an important history.

This great pedigree is on display with this Helvetia "panda" Chronograph with its  Valjoux 7733 movement.  Panda watches are so called as the white dials look like the markings of a panda.  Panda watches are very collectable and appreciate in value at the moment.

This watch has a great dial in black with an internal Tachy function on the bevelled edges of the dial.  The outer part of the flat dial has discreet red second markers with raised white batons for the minute markers.  The hour and minute hand match the batons perfectly.  The chrono is operated by the top and bottom crowns and works perfectly.  

The case meassures 41cm across and with a 22mm black leather strap looks great on teh wrist.  Overall this is a great sports chrono to own and wear everyday and have in a collection.

For those interested in History Helvetia was founded in 1880 by Louis Brandt.  In 1895 they set up a sister company for the manufacture of cylinder watches called ‘Societe D’Horlogerie La Generale’ or ‘The General Watch Company’ (GW Co).  However one of Louis other watch brands was starting to have great success and so in 1903 the company name was changed again to The Omega Watch Company.  Helvetia continued as it's own brand.

Helvetia were at the forefront of watchmaking technology and filed patents for a shock protection system for movement balances in 1929, a waterproof crystal fitting in 1931 and an anti-shock movement mounting in 1933 as well as developing centre sweep seconds movements, calendar watches and ‘Stop Second’ chronographs in the mid to late 1930s.

Helvetia Chronograph - Panda

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