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Jaquet-Droz watches were founded by Pierre Jaquet-Droz who was born in France.

Jaquet-Droz watches are for sale on Chrono24 for $399,000!  Such is their status.

Partly down to the history of the Brand and its founder.
His astonishing mechanisms fascinated the kings and emperors of Europe, China, India and Japan.  He made Automata.  These are pre cursors to computers and were figures that acted like a robot but were mechanically powered.

Some consider these devices to be the oldest examples of the computer. The Writer, a mechanical boy who writes with a quill pen upon paper with real ink, has an input device to set tabs, defining individual letters written by the boy, that form a programmable memory. It has 40 cams that represent the read-only program. The work of Pierre Jaquet-Droz predates that of Charles Babbage by decades.

The automata of Jaquet-Droz are considered to be some of the finest examples of human mechanical problem solving. Three particularly complex and still functional dolls, now known as the Jaquet-Droz automata, are housed at the Musée d'Art et d'Histoire (art and history museum) in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

So this great diving watch has superb heritage and you can tell from its great design an build.  It is a 36mm watch in diameter due to its large case with face set back and in perfect condition.   Its dark blue dial is perfect with the date window at 3 O'clock.  The second hand sweeps automatically with great precision.  The best feature of the watch is the original Bakelite bezel which is flawless and still has lume on the 12 O'clock marker depsite its age.  The watch is hardly worn and is a very rare watch indeed.

Jaquet-Droz Diver Bakelite Bezel

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