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A lovely Pepsi Skin Diver that runs perfectly despite it being 40 years old.  It's one of those watches that will look great with a few different straps.  The Movement and Case back are signed Lanco.  A very rare watch with great combination of colours.  The Silver dial is in great condition.  Check out all the photos to see the overcall condition.

It comes with it's original, now Vintage, strap as well as a Black NATO strap.  Pictures show the watch with both straps.

Watch has undergone a basic service in the past month and runs very well.  I wear all my watches for a few days to road test them.  This one I found very comfortable and it's easy to forget you are wearing it.  It fits neatly with any clothes.  The dial is easily readable.  The Pepsi dial also has a black quarter which makes the colour combinations work well.  You wont find anybody else wearing a watch like this! Unique and rare.

Lanco - Linthor Pepsi Skin Diver

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