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This is a true Vintage Chronograph.  It's from Leonidas, who merged into Heuer, and features the famous Landeron 248 movement.  It also features a Tachy function and a Telemeter function - that is very rare.

The Landeron powers an elegant Chronograph that is set on a champagne dial that is a great colour and aged just perfectly.  The outer dial has a tachy scale like many Chronos.  

However this watch also has a Telemeter Scale.  The telemeter scale tells you the approximate distance between the user and an event that can be both seen and heard.

The scale is usually defined in kilometers or miles depending on the watch model.  This watch is a very refined and complicated watch that still manages to look beautiful too.

Its all wrapped in a gold plated case that is also in good condition for its age.

Leonidas Chronograph

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