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This is a Vintage Lucerne Chronograph Submarino.  It also has a GMT World Time Function.

The Grey dial is in great condition and blemish fee.  It has whote batons that are tipped with a dot of yellow to make reading the time easier.  The Minute and Hour hands are also white.  
The top push button controls the larger second hand for the chronograph, with the bottom push button stopping it.

Across the middle of the dial is a tuning fork design in red that matches with the small second hand that sweeps around the sub dial at 6 O'clock.  The design of which is reminicent of an airplanes propeller.

The outer bezel rotates in both directions and is in great condition.   This is where the GMT World Time is set with the outer part of the bezel being solid black to make reading the cities easier.

Finally its matched with a new black leather strap to pick up on the black on the outer bezel.

Lucerne GMT Chronograph Submarino

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