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This is a watch that just looks so cool when its on your wrist.  It has the trademark blue dial from Mortima matched with Green batons.  However, this model has silver edges to the green batons which is unusal.  The watch has a large inner bezel that rotates using the top crown.  This allows you to set the watch with it's GMT World Time function.  Having the dial interna means its in perfect condition and all the detail of each city are still readable and not damage like happens when the bezel is external.  A clever design faeture that makes this watch stand out.

It runs smoothly and keeps time well.

It has lived a life and was obviuolsy worn everyday at some point.  The case has done it's job and took scratches well.  We have matched it with a vintage strap that is also made to look used.

Mortima Supadatomatic GMT World Time Diver

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