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Mortima Diver Watches are becoming more popular but also harder to find.  This is a rare example that we have not seen before which is why it had to join our collection!

It has the classic oversized Mortima Case with crisp black dial and stunted Minute and Hour hands.  All are in great condition.  This Model of Mortima however, has 2 inner rotating bezels controlled by the 2 crowns above the winder crown.  One inner rotating Bezel sets the month of the year, and the other sets the day of the month.   We, set it to read January 5th at 12 O'clock on the photos.  Each day you just adjust one of the wheels.

Mortima applied for a Patent to cover this watch which again makes it a unique one to add to any collection.

It comes on a very sturdy Diver Rubber Strap that has expansion ripples for wearing over a wet suit.   Overall a rare watch that is very collectable.

Mortima Supadatomatic Patented Diver

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