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This watch looks brilliant on the wrist and has so much going on in terms of cool features.

It has the trademark blue Mortima dial with green markers and short minute hand with large arrow head.  But it also packs in so much more.  The top crown operates an internal bezel that rotates both ways.  The markings on the inner bezel from 9 O'clock to 12 O'clock are used in Regatta / Yatch watches and as it rotates it can also be easily used for Diving as well.  The outside bezel which also rotates both ways has a GMT world time function so you can tell the time across the world.  Added to that the blue and red marking on the outer bezel make this a Pepsi watch which have become most sought after in Vintage watches.  

It really packs a lot into one watch.

It keeps time and runs well and was serviced this year.

Mortima Supadatomatic Pepsi GMT World Time Diver

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