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This is another great Vintage Diver in our colelction from the 1970's.  It's in great condition and will be one of the very few that has survived in this condition.

It is oversized for a Diver, at 50mm wide but is comfortable to wear still as the Crown is set into the case to avoid poking your wrist.

The Bullseye dial has a Black centre that is blemish free and is surrounded by a orange circle that contains the silver batons that contain the number markers.  The outer orange part of the dial has a slight patina that is even across the dial.  This makes the orange not as dayglo or overpwoering.    The second hand sweeps with its hammerhead design and the hour and minute hands are lumed

The bezel rotates in both directions with the usual 15 minute mark for measuring oxygen supplies when diving.

Ondex Vintage Diver

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