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This is a very rare watch indeed.  A Vintage Phiippe precision that has a very unusal dial with multiple functions.

The black and gold dial is like a bullseye style with a black centre circle with a gold band around it finishing with a black band on the outer part of the dial.  The Golden circle is set the Arabic numerals which all have a lovely patina with some of the lume still visible.  The outer black circle contains the numbers for the Pointer Date funcion, made famous by Oris.  The extreme edge of the dial is a white circle containing each day of the week in French, repeating 4 times to complete the month.

The watch is around 60 years old and is still in good conditon for that age.  It runs well and keeps time well.  The dial is so special you wont see many like it.  A true collectors item.

Philippe Day Date with pointer

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