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Ruhla is a German watch brand that dates to the 1870's.  A few good examples of their Sports and Diving watches survive and are on sale but very few of the Jumping Hour watches like this one have survived.

They were watches meant to be worn and as such did not survive in large numbers.

Great to add to a collection as you will never see another like it on anothers persons wrist.

This is a funky, original watch with the original organge dial with 2 windows showing the hour and minutes.  Its a manual wind and works well all day.
Ruhla is a rural town of around 6,000 people in the centre of Germany and just 185 miles west of its Glashütte, the country’s most famous watchmaking centre.

Like Glashütte, it has a long history of watchmaking and and endured the turbulence of life in Eastern Germany on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain after World War II.

Ruhla’s watchmaking story began in the 1870s, when brothers Christian and George Thiel started making music boxes and later clocks. By the late 1880s the company had developed a movement with a 12 hour power reserve that was mainly exported to America.

Ruhla Jumping Hour Watch

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