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This is a commemerative watch from the 1972 Summer Olympics held in Munich, Germany.  This is a real collectors item.

Its from Seawatch who make great divers watches.  They have taken a divers watch and added some really cool features to tie in with the olympics.

The watch is waterproof to 60m in keeping with Seawatch's heritage.  But cleverly they have used the outer bezel, that rotates in both directions, to house the Olympic logo and Munich 1972.  The best part of the bezel is the three colours that start at 12 O'clock.  Aside from being the colours of the host nations flag each colour represents the world record as it stood in 1972 for the 100m / 200m and 400m races.  So the Black part of the flag goes to just over 10 seconds for the 100m.  The yellow part of the flag goes to the 23 second mark for the 200m and the red part of the flag goes to 47 seconds for the 400m race.  Such a cool feature!

The Blue dial is still in great shape and the "T" on the dial shows the hands and markers had Tritium for lume.  The watch is finished with a new modern rubber strap with blue stitching to tie into the dial.

Seawatch 1972 Olympics

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