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Sicura is becoming a very collectable Diver Watch.  They have a timeless design with the trademark black dial that features different designs across a few models.  This 400m model is a true Diver Watch.  It was designed (or rather copied) to look like the Rolex Submariner but at a lower cost.  After nearly 50 years it still looks great and works perfectly.  The lume is still working too.

So when people mistake it for a Rolex Submariner, and they will, they are surprised to know it a Sicura.  

The watch runs perfectly and has a power reserve of around 36 hours.  The outer bezel still retains its strong black colour.  The Bezel is in great condition, like the rest of the watch, so the chances are this has been sat in a drawer for a lot of its life as it certainly hasn't seen any ocean floor!

The watch comes with a perfectly matched original Tropic style strap from the 1970's.  Very comfortable to wear.

Sicura 400m Diver - Submariner Style

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