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Vintage Sicura Chronographe from the 1970's.  This watch has a lot going in.  It has a Stop Chronograph operated by the 2 crowns on the right.  The Crown on the left turns the inner bezel on the dial.  This watch is also a Yatching Watch or Regatta watch.  The colours on the inner bezel and small seconds hand indicate it was made for this purpose.

It has certainly being used properly, and has obvious signs of being used everyday for a long period of time.  It keeps good time.  The dial and bezel are in good condition.  It's the back of the watch that has taken some wear and tear.  The chrono crowns on the right have a good patina and were obviously used extensively.  The Original Sicura strap sets off the watch very well.  Overall a great vintage watch that has lived a good life but has plenty more to give.

Sicura Chronograph

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