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This is one of Sicura's most stylish Diver Watches.  It is offered with 3 straps as each of them show off the watch in a different way.

The original blue Tropical strap dates from the 1970's and would have come with the watch as they were very popular in the 1970s.  To buy a Tropic Branded strap today cost $79.  These original 1970's straps are worth far more.  You can see the photo with the "T" logo on the Buckle and Tropic embossed on the strap.

These are very sought after on vintage dive watches.

The watch is automatic and keeps good time.  The black dial has a lovely even patina to it, with the white outer ring displaying the 24h clock also showing a lovely even patina.  The outer bezel that moves in both directions is in great condition for its age.  The only worn part is the lower crown, which thankfully hasnt been replaced and we recommend it isnt changed as it adds to the character of the watch.  A new crown would spoil the authentic look.

The dial is marked "T" which means the lume is Tritium.  The lume still shines but has dimmed with age.
This watch is priced to reflect its wonderful patina and original Tropical strap.

Sicura Diver

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