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This is one of the most rare of the Sicura Dive watches you can find.  As with all Vintage watches condition is so important.  This is a great example, in great condition.

A 1974 Sicura Globetrotter GMT, In House manual wind movement Sicura cal. 20, 41mm. case. This watch gives you the time in Europe, GMT (England) and New York City, the outer bezel can be rotated in such a way that the right time in every time zone
can be calculated. It is considered the most important watch from this company. It is rare to find one of these with no loss on the case plating.

This one comes with the lovely blue and yellow coloured bezel.  The dial is a dark bronze colour rather than brown and it contains 5 moving hands.  The stylistic way that GMT and NYC is written on the 2 hands to indicate those time zones is genius! So simple.  The hour and minute hand are in great condtion and still have their lume.

The watch is rated to 400m Vacuum tested.  But at this age should not be put to that standard!  This is very much a Vintage Diver watch with cool features for when traveling becomes widespread again.  Great for anybody that does business in Europe and USA.

Sicura Globetrotter Diver GMT

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