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This is a rare Tissot Jumping Hour watch.   Jumping hour watches have become very collectable recently and you dont find many Tissot examples available.

Jumping hour watches date from 1800's but become very poular in the 1970's when Quartz watches were decimating the Swiss watch industry.  Big brands like Tissot tried to copy the look a a "digital" watch and these jumping hour models were their answer.

It is a fully automatic watch that displays the time via two windows.  When the hour approaches the number "jumps" to the next number - hence the name.  This also has a date window at 6 O'clock.  

The dial is a lovely burgendy colour which contrasts with the steel case.  I've not polished the watch as I dont believe in doing so, but if you wanted it to be like new that isnt too hard to acheive.  We prefer patina and proper aging on our watches.  

It comes with a Blue and Red NATO strap to match the dial.  Original crown and works great and keeps time well.

A good watch to add to any collection.

Tissot Jumping Hour Vintage Watch

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