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This is a Yema Chronograph from the late 1970's that is being talked about as joining the ranks of Vintage Heuers.

This watch has a 24ct gold plated case, which contains the classic graduated Beige/Tan dial with two sub dials.  This design of the late sixties & early 1970's still looks great today.  The movement and style is used in Vintage Heuer Autavia's and Breitlings that are 2 to 3 times the price.  So this watch with this movement has a lot more appreciation in value left to go.  Note: All the photos are zoomed in a show minute detail.

It's matched with a subtle brown leather strap to let the watch take centre stage.

As you would expect from this movement the watch runs very well and the Chronograph functions as expected.

Yema Chronograph

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