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This is a very, very rare Yema Sous Marine with a Burgendy Dial.   The dial is in great conidtion and sets off the green batons very nicely.  Unlike many Sous Marines it has a small seconds dial at 6 O'Clock that sweeps without fuss.

It comes with both a Black Strap and a Burgendy Strap which both work well with the watch.

The Bezel rotates in both directions and is in great conditon also.  Blue markings on the bezel are to highlight time when diving.

The watch sits on a square case that is typical of the 1970's design for Diver watches.  Overall this is one of the best Yema Sous Marines you will find outside the Chorongraph range of Sous Marines.  The unique dial colour is what makes this watch stand out and more collectable.

Yema Sous Marine

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