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A Watch fit for The King - Is this King Charles' favourite Watch?

The Hamilton 6BB British Royal Navy Aviator Vintage Watch: A Timepiece with Military Precision and Vintage Charm

Welcome to another blog from Chrono6538. Today we delve into the fascinating world of military watches. If you're a military watch collector, sit tight because we have a gem to discuss—the Hamilton 6BB British Royal Navy Aviator Vintage Watch.

A Brief History


The Hamilton 6BB was introduced in the early 1970s as part of the British Ministry of Defence's 'Fab Four' series. This series was a result of the Ministry altering its DEF-STAN (Defence Standardization) to produce more commercially viable pieces for the military. The 'Fab Four' included watches from four brands—Hamilton, CWC, Newmark, and Precista. The Hamilton Brand is the most well know Globally and makes watches for the United States Military. However, it was only commissioned to produce this watch from 1970-1972 and was the shortest run of the "Fab Four". This means there are fewer pieces now on the market.

The one in stock at Chrono6538, is we believe, the only one on the market at present still with its original issue leather strap. You see most available with a selection of NATO straps. Our watch was bought direct from a retired Jet Pilot who served on HMS Eagle in 1972. He worth it for duty for a short while but also owned a Rolex Oyster Precision (which was his everyday watch - we also bought that if you wish to see it). This meant the Hamilton has had very little wear and tear over its 51 years. The Pilot kept it in a drawer and had forgotten about it hence why it is in Grade A condition. In 1999 the Pilot bought another Rolex 16203 which you can find here.

Design and Specifications

  • Reference Number: 6BB/924/3306

  • Movement: Mechanical

  • Case Material: Asymmetric Stainless-Steel

  • Dial: Black with Luminous Hands and Markers

  • Strap Material: Original Brown leather

  • Condition: Excellent

The Hamilton 6BB is housed in a 39mm asymmetric stainless-steel case, a design that adds a unique flair to the watch. The black dial features luminous hands and markers, ensuring readability even in low-light conditions. The watch is powered by the workhorse cam lever Valjoux 7733 movement. The Lume is still active even after 51 years though shines a little less brightly as would be expected.

As you can see from the picture above King Charles III often wears his Hamilton, even after leaving the Royal Navy.

King Charles began his military service on the guided missile destroyer HMS Norfolk in 1971, then went on to serve on two frigates, the HMS Minerva from 1972 to 1973, and the HMS Jupiter in 1974. It is during the Period 1971 that he would have been issued with his Hamilton 6BB Watch. You can see him her wearing the watch many years after retiring

Why It's a Collector's Dream

Hamilton has a long history of producing watches for the military, making it one of the most prolific and respected brands in this niche. The 6BB is perhaps one of the most recognizable models among the 'Fab Four' and is highly collectible. Its vintage charm is accentuated by its mechanical movement and the unique asymmetric case design.

Price and Availability

A Piece of History

The Hamilton 6BB British Royal Navy Aviator Vintage Watch is more than just a timepiece; it's a piece of history. Its unique design, military heritage, and mechanical precision make it a must-have for any military watch collector. Don't miss the opportunity to own this iconic watch.


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