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Roy King Jewellery - a forgotten Watchmaker and Jeweller from England.

Roy Cecil King, a prominent British watch designer and jeweller, was born in Kentish Town, London, on May 6, 1913. At a young age, he was fostered by an elderly woman and later adopted. King's journey into the world of jewellery began when he apprenticed at M J Greengross in 1927, where he learned the craft alongside an Italian master craftsman. Roy King said of his watches they were "Pieces of Jewellery that could tell the time"

The watch below is available here and is in perfect condition with box and papers, including service papers. Its a lovely piece of jewellery that tells the time perfectly after 40 years with its manual wind movement.

Despite the challenging learning environment, King excelled and honed his skills in diamond mounting at the Sir John Cass Art School while pursuing his passion for music as a jazz pianist and master of ceremonies. By the age of 21, Roy King became a foreman at a prestigious jewellery workshop, creating unique pieces that attracted buyers from Bond Street jewellers, including members of the Royal Family. In the 1930s, King worked behind the scenes for renowned names like Rolex, Cartier, and Garrard. His expertise expanded during World War II when he worked as a planning engineer on aircraft production lines, developing machine tool techniques crucial for his future jewellery and watchmaking endeavours. After the war, Roy King established his workshop in Watford and transitioned from jewellery to watch design.

He capitalized on Swiss movements' prestige by integrating them into his designs after import restrictions were lifted in 1960. King secured an exclusive agreement with Bueche-Girod, a Swiss movement maker. Throughout the 1960s, his workshop produced innovative designs that garnered acclaim, such as the distinctive "bark finish" bracelets. Notable figures like George Harrison, The Beatles, Tom Jones, and Saudi princes were among King's clientele.King's business flourished in the '60s and '70s; he won awards for his exports and acquired La Montre Royale de Geneve in 1973. His watches under this brand became highly sought-after luxury items, especially in the Middle East. Even in his later years, Roy King remained active in the industry, showcasing his work at exhibitions and continuing to create bespoke pieces for clients until his passing at the age of 87 in 2000. His legacy endures through his innovative designs and contributions to British watchmaking and jewelry craftsmanship


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